(thanks for the years of confusion mom & dad.. love you guys)


Uncontrollable laughter, the excitement in a grooms face as he see’s his bride for the first time, the sound of babies giggling, children playing, the wind in your hair at the top of that mountain you just hiked, traveling to new places and feeling so tiny, revisiting old places and remembering what you thought you had forgotten, tear jerking stories told by the best story tellers, racing heart beats right before the first kiss.. 

I remember when I turned 13 and I got my first polaroid camera. I was in awe of this little time traveling machine. I thought it was magic. 
I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t still feel that way.
There’s something so beautiful about being able to look into the past. To see moments you might’ve missed. To re-experience life. To feel something forgotten. To remember. 

After all that’s what we all want, right? 
To remember. 
To never forget or take life or loved ones for granted?
Unfortunately life gets in the way.. and we do forget. 
It’s nice having something to look back on. 
It’s nice having something beautiful to hold onto.

That’s what I want.
and that’s what I want for you. 

If you care to read on about how incredibly weird I am.. please proceed with caution.
I like my oreos covered in peanut butter.
I will most definitely say something awkward when we meet.
I’m a singer of songs & strummer of the ukulele (her name is lula)
I used to sing in a band or two. I still got it. Kinda. Not really. 
Daisy is my pup & I’m convinced she’s the best dog in the world..
and no, I’m not just saying that. She actually is.
It’s kind’ve weird how awesome she is.
I should probably stop talking about my dog now. 
Too bad, I can't.  We think she’s half human. Or she’s an alien. We’re undecided...
I believe in soulmates because I met mine. His name is Jake and he’s my better half. 
I'm a lucky lady to say the least. He's supportive, hilarious, tells the best dad jokes & has the dreamiest eyes you've ever stared into. 
He puts up with my antics and I love him despite his action figure collection. 
Basically, we’re a bunch of nerds that fell in love and falling out isn’t an option. 
I love a good book & a hot cup of..DONUTS. 
You thought I was going to say coffee. 
I do love coffee.. but I love donuts more.
I also love a good love story. 
& I’d love to hear yours. 

If you think we’re a good fit lets get coffee.. or a donut.. or both.

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